• Kolinplatz 2
  • Postfach 550
  • CH 6301 Zug -Switzerland
  • Fon +41 41 552 09 96
  • Fax +41 41 552 08 86
  • info@devonoil.ch

DEVONOIL is a fast growing commodity supplier, concentrating on crude oil and refined product deliveries.

Since its foundation in 2006, DEVONOIL has succeeded in establishing a place in the market and setting up contacts with major consumers.

Working in the highly competitive global energy market, we aim to provide customized solutions to our clients, based on a creative flexible approach to pricing and logistics. Due to the current volatility of commodity prices, we are particularly concerned strict risk management procedures, offering our clients unique hedging strategies and ideas.

Our team is focused on the role of the company as a reliable and competitive partner to businesses in the global energy market.